10 September 2011

Life Songs - album of the year ?

'Life Songs' - album of the year ?
Well I would conceed that our album isn't as brilliantly challenging as PJ Harvey's 'Let England Shake', which is in a league all of its own.
I would also conceed that Fleet Foxes redrawing of the territory once inhabited by Simon & Garfunkel and C,S,N&Y takes some beating especially as their sublime 'Helplessness Blues' also employs the orchestral sensibilities of Pet Sounds.
I am also somewhat envious of the artistic achievements of Anna Calvi with her explosive eponymous debut album, of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and their exquisite 'Mirror Traffic' record, of Elbow and their stunning 'Build A Rocket Boys' and last, but by no means least, by Paul Simon's 'So Beautiful Or So What' an album so good, so consistantly inventive and creative that it has me pounding my fists in frustration every time that I hear it - why can't I produce something as compelling as this.
I also have a sneaking feeling that Noel Gallagher's first solo album - also released on Monday - will trump everything that he did with Oasis.
Oh, and then there's Tom Waits forthcoming album, his first for seven years, that I fancy will be something of a dark horse in the best album stakes.
But beyond those notable exceptions and caveats - yes 'Life Songs' IS the best album that you will hear this year - and if you will allow me a smidgen of hyperbole - AND BY A COUNTRY MILE TOO !!!!
Yours in song
Steve Kelly

Only available from:
Endless Records
Released 12th September 2011

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