2 October 2012

A video for unity

Some old fool in Wales has long been banging the drum of unity.
Reject division, privilege and exploitation.
Reject the ransacking of our democracies by capital.
One world for the people NOT corporate interest.
Endless Records

13 February 2012

Ne Plus Ultra - Live video from The Cellar Bar Cardigan

Live performance of Ne Plus Ultra, 26th January 2012, at The Cellar Bar, Cardigan.

3 February 2012

I played three songs at The Cellar Bar, Cardigan last night


Another fine night of song at The Cellar Bar, Cardigan.
I weighed in with three songs:
Here Today, Dangerous Times (only finished writing it yesterday morning) and Long Way From Home.
I also accompanied Bob Bawden from Whisky Business on a nice slow blues. Thanks Bob !

2 February 2012

Live at The Red Lion, Cardigan


I played four songs at the Red Lion, Cardigan last night:
Here Today
The Seeds Of Wrath,
Life Goes On
Sights & Sounds.

25 January 2012

Can we have some economic development please Mr Osborne

                                           George Osborne

The UK economy contracted by -0.2% during the final quarter of last year.

The bad news is that the effects of the Euro Zone crisis hasn't properly begun to impact upon the economy yet. There is a six to nine month 'lag' between events and their having an impact.
So they WILL fully impact upon the economic figures for the second and third quarters (and beyond) of this year.
Unfortunately things look set to get a whole lot worse.
Oh, and in April another tranche of cuts kick in ....

How The Guardian reported this news

24 January 2012

Since when did the UK become a fascist country ?

In the wake of sickening news that the Conservatives propose to cap benefits it is clear that their policy of divide and rule is taking grip.
As with public sector pensions - where any decent thinking person realised that the issue was that many private sector pensions were too low - it is not that benefits are too high, the problem is that in many parts of this country wages are too low and rents are too high.Never mind that this travesty was never put before the electorate.
Never mind that they don't have a mandate to tear up the Welfare State.Just mind that it is both utterly immoral and a weasel-minded betrayal of the people of this country who fought for a better future during the last war.
Since 1948 we have had a universal system of collective entitlement: we all pay in, we all get something out when we need it.
It is the mark of a civilised society that it takes care of its most vulnerable members; the young, the elderly, the sick and the unemployed.
When did we DECIDE to stop doing this ?
This government is an utter disgrace.
Just as the people of this country defied the vilely warped regime of Hitler I spit in their millionaire faces with utter contempt.